How to Support the Marylou Kennedy Fund

The Benefits of a Cash Gift

The simplest and most frequent gift to the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMCCC) is a cash gift, which can be in the form of a personal check, credit card authorization, money order or bank draft, made payable to the University of Michigan.

A cash gift to the Marylou Kennedy Fund provides an immediate charitable deduction against your federal, and in some cases, state income taxes. A substantial cash gift can also be made with pledge payments over a period as long as five years.

Other Ways to Make an Outright Gift

Gifts of appreciated securities, real estate and certain items of personal property are also welcome.

Stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares that have increased in value over time can be an excellent means of supporting the Marylou Kennedy Fund and lung cancer research at the UMCCC. By making such a gift, you gain an income tax deduction based on the current value of the appreciated securities and you avoid capital gains taxes.

If you are interested in making a gift of real estate or tangible personal property, a member of the UMCCC Development Office would be happy to discuss such a gift with you and to provide you with the information you and your financial advisor would need to make such a gift.


A full professorship can be endowed with gifts totaling $2 million or more, and research professorships can be funded with at least $1 million. Such endowments greatly strengthen Michigan's ability to compete successfully against its high-ranking peer institutions for leading teachers and researchers in the field of medicine.

Gifts received for a particular UMCCC endowment, such as the Marylou Kennedy Fund, are then placed into the University's Endowment Fund, which over the past decade has provided to the University a rate of return exceeding 10 percent, increasing in real value about 3.5 percent over that period of time (after distributions and inflation were deducted). Annual distributions from endowment accounts at the University average about five percent, as set by the Regents.

Matching Gifts from Employers

If you are employed by a company which matches its employees' gifts to charitable institutions, you may be able to increase the size of your gift substantially in this way. While you will not receive an income tax deduction for your employer's part of the gift, you will receive recognition from the University for the full amount of the gift.

Other Ways of Giving

Planned gifts (via bequest, through such vehicles as charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, lead trusts, etc.) are welcomed by the University, but they delay the beginning of the designated charitable activity.

To make a gift, or to discuss ways of making a gift to the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMCCC), please contact Ryan Davis. Her contact information is below.

Ryan Davis
University of Michigan
Office of Medical Development and Alumni Relations
1000 Oakbrook, Suite 100
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 647-2742